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Solutions for our Customers:

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A-1 Concrete Cutting & Demolition is a 24-7 operation.  They service their customers when they need the job done.  With 22 combination trucks on the road, the company has the experienced crew and equipment to arrive at the job site in a timely manner and tackle the tasks at hand.  The company is an NUCP certified DBE/SBE contractor and has Nevada, California and Utah contractor's licenses.


Trained Equipment Operators and Laborers:


A-1 Concrete Cutting & Demolition has assembled a team of well trained and extremely qualified equipment operators and laborers and are certified in all aspects of our industry.  Safety is paramount in any job they undertake.  All of the laborers are OSHA 10 certified and all of the operators and foremen are OSHA 30 certified.


Highly Specialized Equipment:


A-1 Concrete Cutting & Demolition has a variety of 21st century technology equipment to tackle any situation encountered.  The company is consistently upgrading and introducing into the Las Vegas area the most efficient specialized equipment to service their customers.


Shop & Warehouse:


A-1 Concrete Cutting & Demolition has three full time mechanics in shop that perform regular maintenance and repairs on all the equipment and vehicles.  This facilitates our dependability and reliability.  There is a support staff of mechanic helpers, runners and fuelers behind the scenes to help operations run smoothly.

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NOW HIRING:  All skilled laborers

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